Sometimes you just need a little reassurance…

That’s why we created our coping cards. All profits from our cards are put back into ROTP’s research, development and growth!

Coping Cards for Anxiety, Stress and Worry

For “in-the-moment” anxiety support.

Studies show one of the most effective ways to alleviate stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm is by grounding yourself. Grounding involves bringing yourself into contact with the present moment – the here and now.

These practical coping cards will help ground and calm you during high moments of stress and anxiety. The calming nature, tactile feel and 50 unique messages of reassurance will help to calm your senses, speeding up your journey to a calmer state.

Each calming message can be read over and over again to help you relieve stress and anxiety. Each box of 50 unique cards:

  • Is lovingly handmade with care
  • Is made from durable textured linen material to ensure longevity and is eco-friendly
  • Is compact, portable and durable
  • Provides ‘in-the-moment’ anxiety support, ready for when you need them
  • Provides peace of mind knowing your purchase supports mental health initiatives

Coping Cards for Anxiety, Stress & Worry

$37.50    $49.99

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Matt Abela
Matt Abela
2. March, 2022.
Fantastic concept and really well written cards that genuinely help a lot when anxiety comes on. Couldn't recommend highly enough
1. March, 2022.
I highly recommend these cards. They are beautifully made and really helpful in stressful or anxious moments. I bring 3-5 cards with me in the pouch to have them on hand!
Michael Wells
Michael Wells
1. March, 2022.
I received a pack of the ROTP Coping Cards as a gift from a colleague, and have become unexpectedly useful in the lead up to conversations with upper management and key stakeholders (i.e. times of heightened stress and anxiousness). Thank you!
Nina Miletic
Nina Miletic
28. February, 2022.
Durable cards small enough to take anywhere, with a beautiful design and feel. The phrases really helped me calm down before a large social gathering where I started getting social anxiety. The cards reminded me that I will survive the situation and that I have people that support me.

The Benefits of Coping Cards

Just like anxiety and stress can come anywhere at any time, the coping cards can be used anywhere at any time. Their compact design makes them perfect for your pocket or backpack. The tactile feel of the cards calms your senses and the messages help you to shift your focus to the present moment. The Coping Cards are a tool for self-help and can be used at any time anywhere to calm your body and mind in the midst of moments of high anxiety and stress.

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