Learn to manage your anxiety so it does not manage you

Embracing you with practical support, education, and encouragement, we aim to end the stigma and suffering around anxiety, helping you on your journey to recovery.


At Return of the Panda, we are here for you

Return of the Panda is a unique, non-profit organisation that provides much-needed support, guidance and inspiration to help sufferers of anxiety around the world.

We educate on the symptoms of anxiety and provide ways to overcome them, with both perspective changes and practical solutions such as our Coping Cards, proven to ease anxiety instantly.

Understanding how it feels to live with anxiety, we want to help you learn to manage it so it does not manage you.

Meet some of the friends the Panda has helped

Fatimah’s courage in sharing her personal experiences was well received, and removed any stigma, and really made the conversations more relatable.

RMIT University

Fatimah was a fabulous edition to our program. Her confidence, enthusiasm and her positive attitude were very “real” and she engaged with the audience immediately. It was wonderful for students to hear about her experience and how she coped and is flourishing in her professional career despite having faced the day-to-day challenges of managing a mental health. I would recommend Fatimah as a speaker. Thanks again!!

Australian Catholic University

Fatimah was fantastic! She delivered a very informative and engaging presentation, pitching brilliantly to our Y9 students. She provided the students with a lot of information regarding stress and depression, sharing her own experiences in mental health, and sharing support networks and copying strategies the students could use.

Albert Park College

Be part of the solution

Studies show that one quarter of Australians (4.96M) will experience an anxiety condition in their lifetime, and one in seven Australians (3.2M) are currently experiencing an anxiety condition.

With all the efforts to increase awareness around anxiety and other mental illnesses, many still need support and treatment. Return of the Panda aims to increase anxiety sufferers’ quality of life by aiding their recovery.

You can do your part, too!

It does not matter if you are experiencing anxiety or not. Now is the time to get involved in raising awareness about anxiety and fight the stigma around this mental illness. Share our social posts and resources to help us share our message and solutions.

Connect with the Panda

The stigma around anxiety and other mental illness needs to end here, and we’re here to help you do just that. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety or you run a business, organisation, or school that could benefit from our programs and initiatives, we’re here to help.

At Return of the Panda, we will be your trusted companion.

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