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How to use our Coping Cards

By |2022-02-19T00:38:42+10:0018 January 2022|Blog|

A 3-step process to help you overcome moments of high anxiety and stress. Anxiety is similar to a snowball and in order to prevent symptoms getting more severe, it needs to be addressed early.  If you start to feel unwell, physical pain, a dry throat or heart palpitations, please refer this 3-step process that [...]

How Are Cognitive Distortions Contributing to Your Anxiety?

By |2022-02-19T00:39:26+10:0015 December 2021|Blog|

The world can be a pretty stressful, scary place under normal circumstances. When your own brain is conspiring against you, creating negative thoughts, that is only compounded.   Cognitive distortions are incorrect thoughts that are usually negative that your brain conjures up from time to time. Often, they are triggered by a simple event, which your brain then [...]

When Did You Last Identify Your Negativity Bias?

By |2022-02-19T00:40:19+10:003 December 2021|Blog|

How often have you heard someone tell you to “think positively?” Turns out, while they’re right (positive thinking can have a positive effect on our lives), humans are hardwired to not only think negatively, but to focus on negative thoughts.   Which is why, when something goes wrong, you dwell on it a lot longer than you celebrate your successes. The [...]

How Grounding Can Help You Conquer Your Fears

By |2022-02-19T20:27:53+10:003 December 2021|Blog|

We live in a world where very few people can honestly say that they are untouched by mental health issues. Many of us live with stress, anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Those that don’t probably know at least one person that is affected.   The good news is that the stigma around mental health trouble is disappearing, as more people come forward and share [...]

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