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Mental Health Disorders and Obesity

By |2022-05-03T10:42:03+10:003 May 2022|Blog|

Featured article by Renew Bariatrics. Read the article on their page here. According to the World Health Organization, over 39% of adults globally are overweight or obese. They also remark that the number of obese people has tripled since 1975. Over a decade, there have been numerous efforts to deal with obesity and being overweight. [...]

Spotlight Effect

By |2022-04-11T10:12:24+10:0011 April 2022|Blog|

Are all eyes really on you? Many people have a recurring nightmare that they are in a public place, and everyone is staring. When they look down, they see they’re in their underwear. Or worse...  It’s very unlikely that most of us will ever have that happen in real life, but when you struggle [...]

What Does Being Mentally Tough Really Mean?

By |2022-03-15T10:50:57+10:0015 March 2022|Blog|

There’s a common misconception that mental toughness means the same as “cowboys don’t cry.” That people who are mentally tough don’t have emotions, or at least that they don’t show them. However, while it’s true that sometimes mental toughness and a “stiff upper lip” go together, that’s not always the case and is misunderstood.  [...]

How to listen well

By |2022-02-28T10:21:32+10:0019 February 2022|Blog|

Listening sounds like something that’s really simple. After all, we do it every day, don’t we? However, when it comes to helping a loved one who is struggling with anxiety or depression, there’s a lot more to being a good listener than you might think. Since there’s a lot of evidence that being listened [...]

This is my anxiety-story…

By |2022-02-19T20:06:33+10:0019 February 2022|Blog|

The founder of Return of the Panda, Fatimah Abbouchi, started her journey in mental health back in 2007 when she experienced her first anxiety attack. It was one of the biggest shocks of her life, as there were no signs pointing to an imminent anxiety disorder. Since then, Fatimah has greatly recovered and now [...]

Coping with Anxiety after being diagnosed with Covid-19

By |2022-02-19T00:33:04+10:009 February 2022|Blog|

As you might know by now, our founder and fearless leader here at Return of the Panda, Fatimah Abbouchi, is a long-term anxiety sufferer herself. Having recently been diagnosed with Covid-19, this had really tested her coping mechanisms. Despite how far she had come on her journey to recovery, her experience with Covid-19 had [...]

How to use our Coping Cards

By |2022-02-19T00:38:42+10:0018 January 2022|Blog|

A 3-step process to help you overcome moments of high anxiety and stress. Anxiety is similar to a snowball and in order to prevent symptoms getting more severe, it needs to be addressed early.  If you start to feel unwell, physical pain, a dry throat or heart palpitations, please refer this 3-step process that [...]

How Are Cognitive Distortions Contributing to Your Anxiety?

By |2022-02-19T00:39:26+10:0015 December 2021|Blog|

The world can be a pretty stressful, scary place under normal circumstances. When your own brain is conspiring against you, creating negative thoughts, that is only compounded.   Cognitive distortions are incorrect thoughts that are usually negative that your brain conjures up from time to time. Often, they are triggered by a simple event, which your brain then [...]

When Did You Last Identify Your Negativity Bias?

By |2022-02-19T00:40:19+10:003 December 2021|Blog|

How often have you heard someone tell you to “think positively?” Turns out, while they’re right (positive thinking can have a positive effect on our lives), humans are hardwired to not only think negatively, but to focus on negative thoughts.   Which is why, when something goes wrong, you dwell on it a lot longer than you celebrate your successes. The [...]

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